Founded in 2004, TLM Consulting Group (“TCG”) has conducted due diligence, competitive intelligence, litigation support, background investigations and other research for a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, law firms, investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, venture capitalists, insurance companies, recruiters, commercial real estate professionals, private corporations and private individuals.

TCG provides clients with the personal, financial, and professional information they require for strategic decision-making in order to protect and maintain confidence in the integrity of their institutions and the trust of their clients. By employing a multitude of techniques, while maintaining the utmost professional, ethical and legal responsibilities, TCG provides clients with crucial background information on individuals, their business entities and business relationships. TCG regularly verifies the integrity and stability of complex businesses and their executives. TCG identifies and locates critical documents, potential interviewees, and verifies educational, professional, and financial backgrounds and capabilities. Investigations typically include a detailed search of national, regional and local on-line computer databases; identification and consultation with confidential industry sources knowledgeable about the subject companies and individuals; records research in appropriate federal, state and local jurisdictions; and interviews with individuals likely to be knowledgeable about the background, reputation, and business practices of any subject.

Headquartered in the Philadelphia area, TCG maintains a national and international network of affiliates, technical consultants, researchers, and confidential sources in major business and financial centers throughout the United States and overseas. TCG is comprised of investigative experts who draw from years of experience in the legal, law enforcement, and intelligence industries.