Asset Verification and Location

TCG conducts asset verifications to uncover material facts regarding potential assets, including verifying their actual existence and tracing their location. TCG helps clients locate real property including, but not limited to: corporate and partnership interests, offshore accounts, land, title, vehicles, boats, etc. This crucial information can be used to assist in judgment satisfaction, in verifying business/partnership interests and in preparation for litigation.

Expert/Lay Witness Location

Litigators regularly need to locate potential witnesses and other parties of interest that may provide information critical to their casework. TCG can locate such persons for you using established investigative techniques, database research and other confidential sources.

Records Retrieval

All background investigations and due diligence matters must be comprehensive to be truly effective. What most consumers don’t know is that ALL background investigations are not created equal. A true background investigation utilizes a multitude of sources, not just database resources. The fact remains that not all crucial information such as criminal and litigation records are uniformly housed in any national database (it varies from state to state), TCG supplements investigations by conducting national and international, on-site, jurisdictional searches for critical documents using a team of expert document retrieval personnel to complete a comprehensive background investigation.

TCG can retrieve documents in all jurisdictions in the United States and overseas.